The membership of the Mining Association consists of individuals, firms, or corporations whose primary interest is the development of the mineral resources in South Carolina.

Benefits of Membership

Annual Meeting
The Mining Association holds its Annual Meeting during the forth quarter of the year. Several speakers address topics of interest to the mining industry. At this meeting the policies of the Association are adopted and members of the Board of Directors are elected.
Operations Seminar
The MASC holds an Operations Seminar during the first quarter of the year. The Operations Seminar gives members an opportunity to hear guest speakers from every facet of the mining industry and to exchange ideas with other members. It is a time to renew old friendships and begin new ones.
Membership Directory
A directory of current members is published annually for distribution to the membership and other parties.

The MASC newsletter, Carolina Mining, is published bi-monthly. The newsletter contains articles of interest to the membership, including activiies of the Associtation, general business tips, and new of interest ot the mining industry. Memebers are encouraged to submit ariticles to the newslettter.

Government Affairs
The Executive Director of the Association is a registered lobbyist at the State Capitol. He closely surveys the activities of government at all levels and acts as a spokesman for the Association. Legislative reports are distributed to members to keep them up-to-date on the issues affecting the mining industry and related businesses in South Carolina. [Top]

Training Seminars
In addition to the Operations Seminar and Annual Meeting, training seminars are held during the year. Timely topics and knowledgeable speakers provide a forum for members to stay abreast of such things as legislation, regulations, operating and marketing initiatives.
State Office
Members are served from a well-equipped professionally staffed office located in Columbia. Contact Us!

A comprehensive insurance program is available to members of the Association at group rates. The program is administered by a professional administrator, guaranteeing prompt and efficient service to each participant.

Work Program
The MASC has developed a Work Program to determine the direction and role of the Association as it addresses mining issues in the state. The goal of the MASC Work Program is to promote the well-being of the mining industry, affect legislation and regulations, provide services for the membership and enhance the image of the mining industry to the general public. The MASC offers a wide range of services and activities to its membership. These services include legislative liaison, seminars and workshops, newsletter, director and employment information. The MASC is a strong supporter of educational programs and participates in public and private program involvement, exhibits, elementary and middle school education programs and local government involvement. The mining industry is represented in 45 of the 46 counties in the state. The Association’s goal is for the mining industry to be a vital part of South Carolina’s econonomic growth, in an environmentally sound manner, and to serve its membership with information, guidance and direction for the future.