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The Mining Association of South Carolina is focused on streamlining efficiencies within our membership and is committed to making maximum use of electronic commerce. The MASC makes it easier than ever to do business with all MASC members. Contractors desiring to build a mutually beneficial relationship with us are invited to sign up online.
In an effort to strengthen MSHA adherence and insure that contractors are trained and safety conscious, we recently engaged Browz Group, LC, a third party verification company to collect, verify and manage your company’s compliance information for MASC. MASC has partnered with Browz to provide you with the following benefits:
Save Time & Money – Reduce your existing cost of responding to multiple client pre-qualification requirements.
24/7 Web-Based Information and Document Archive – Browz will scan and archive your company’s important data and documents, including insurance information, certifications, licenses, safety information and MSHA training documents.
Market Expansion – You have the option to gain access to other Browz clients who are constantly seeking additional pre-qualified suppliers, vendors and contractors.
Advance Notification – Receive notification from Browz of important insurance license, certification, training and other expirations to ensure seamless coverage and compliance. Browz also provides electronic management of your compliance documentation.
Certified Report – Receive a Browz certified report, confirming independent verification of your company’s compliance information suitable for distribution to MASC Members and others.
Pre-Qualified Status with MASC and all Browz Clients for an Annual Fee of $595 – Contractors being awarded contracts by MASC members will receive special consideration based on their willingness to comply with MSHA and other compliance standards. Contractors will be asked to pay an annual registration fee of $595 to become a certified supplier with Browz & MASC.
If you are… Then…
Currently an MASC contractor or vendor and have received a User ID and Password Subscribe to the Browz Certification service.
Currently an MASC contractor or vendor but have not received a User ID and Password Initiate a subscription to the Browz Certification service.

New suppliers, contractors and vendors
New suppliers, contractors and vendors may register to be considered for work with MASC members. All information provided will help us understand your company’s basic capabilities and how to contact you if we need more information. Accuracy and completeness in providing the information will help MASC have the best possible view of your company and how we may be able to work together.

The information you provide MASC is stored in a secure, centralized Browz Group database available to all MASC member companies. Information in the database is frequently accessed to identify capable suppliers as new needs and requirements arise.

Contractors must enter their company’s information into the Browz Group registration Web site in order to receive special consideration for member bidding processes. Registering does not guarantee that MASC membership will contact your company or that your company has or will meet any current or future member business needs.

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If you have additional questions, contact us via e-mail.