MASC Community Citizenship Award
Throughout history, civilizations have been shaped by their use of minerals. Mineral supplies have determined the rise and fall of empires, the patterns of populations and advances in industry and the arts. Because minerals are so important in our everyday life, demand for them has grown as our society has become more complex. Yet the complexity of human society today has left people without a recognition that the automobile, telephone, computer and many other consumer products would not be responsible if mining ceased to exist.

Extractive industries, like mining, have a times been viewed negatively from a population increasingly conscious about the environment and the escalating demand for non-renewable resources. Society’s economic benefits derived from mining are regularly obscured by activists who clamor for the public’s attention.

As vital members of the community, the mining industry must do more than provide minerals from the earth. Community citizenship is an important way mining companies can project a positive image. Active participation in a wide range of community activities strengthens the image of the industry and creates a positive perception in the public arena.

In recognition of active participation in the communities where mining companies operate, the Mining Association of South Carolina annually presents the Community Citizenship Award. Member mining companies will be recognized for contributions to the community as indicated by the criteria outlined below. The award is not for recognition of political participation and activism.

Award Criteria
Support of education;
Support of community development;
Company sanctioned volunteerism by employees;
Efforts to educate the community in all aspects of mining;
Company participation in community activities; and,
Major projects geared to improve the quality of life in the community.

The Community Citizenship Award is given once a year at the MASC Annual Meeting. Members of the Mining Association of South Carolina may apply three (3) months prior to the Annual Meeting. The Education and Public Relations Committee will evaluate all applications and select the company which has demonstrated strong commitment by significant effort to the community in which they operation.

Community Citizenship Award Nomination Form
Applications Due: TBD

MASC Award for Innovative Teaching
The Mining Association of South Carolina Award for Innovative Teaching of The South Carolina Earth Science Curriculum Standards

This award is offered to encourage and support the implementation of the Earth Science Curriculum Standards for geology, mining, minerals, rock, soils, and related environment issues in grades K-12 in South Carolina.

The award will be presented to a teacher who has significantly advanced the teaching of earth science in grades K-12 in South Carolina. The award will be presented in the fall at an awards ceremony during the South Carolina Science Council meeting. The award will be $5,000 that may be spent as the teacher chooses.

To be eligible for the award, a teacher must design a lesson, a module, or another teaching instrument that addresses instruction in geology, mining, minerals, rock, soils, or related environmental issues in a creative and effective manner. The materials can be an original design or an innovative revision or creative modification of existing teaching materials.

Award for Innovative Teaching Criteria and Application Form
Applications Due: TBD

MASC Miner of the Year
2012 Handsome Major
2011 Matt Joliff
2010 Ron Slaton
2009 David Dorroh
2008 Roger Dunlap
2006 Allen Russell
2005 Terry Turner
2004 Margaret Bolyn
2003 Roy Duckett
2002 James Daniel
2000 Ken Willingham
1999 Nigel Wills
1997 Jim Holmes
1995 Randy Wallett
1994 Bill Patterson
1992 Dean Hardy
1991 Don Babb
1989 Jack Danel
1987 Tom Evatt
1986 Bill Patterson
1985 Tom Evatt
1983 Henry Foster
1982 Tom Evatt