Information About South Carolina Mines

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Mining in South Carolina has been one of the state’s most valuable industries for over 200 years. Mining companies contribute more more than $138 million in the state annually through payroll and taxes alone. South Carolina is ranked 25th in the United States in total mineral value, and is 13th among the 26 Eastern states. The state is ranked second nationally in the production and sales of kaolin, and first in cement. Our state is the only gold producer east of the Mississippi.

Presently there are 13 minerals being extracted from 485 active mines in South Carolina. The estimated raw mineral production value at the lip of the mine is in excess of $483 million annually. South Carolina minerals are surface-mined. Surface mining involves the removal of unwanted rock and soil prior to the extraction of the mineral. The three types of surface mines in our state are: open pit mining, strip mining and dredging. Areas previously mined are later reclaimed to grass and woodlands, ponds, lakes and pastures, residential developments and farm lands. The mining industry of South Carolina is a dynamic and productive industry, making a major contribution to the economic well-being and quality of life available to South Carolinians.